Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby Geranium

A mom friend from C's school just gave birth to a baby girl last week. You know what it means to me? Time to deliver some handmade present. I went straight to Rae. When I just started sewing and reading all the related crafty blogs, hers always gave very informative tips. I like her designs, a lot. I remember very clearly that she offers a free pattern of a little dress called Geranium for 0-3 months old. Perfect!

You really only need scrap fabric to make this dress. I had some leftover fabric from the dresses I made for C and myself.  I could've easily made another 9 dresses out of the fabric. That's how little you need for an infant size.

C and I went through some old pictures of her when she was a new born. I can't believe how fast it went. She was once so tiny as well. As we moved onto the first year of her life, C asked me "mommy, how come you're not in these pictures? Did I only want to take pictures with daddy?" What can I say? The one that's behind the camera rarely gets any pictures taken? I had to ensure her that even if she can't see me in the pictures, I was there all the time, not even a meter away.

She'd decided to wear her own dress made from the same cut of the fabric (literally) that day.  I decided to deliver a suicidal question "Would you like to have a baby sister?" and I got a strong "No!" as feedback. What a relief.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to do it all over again... :-)

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