Monday, December 22, 2014

A Lily of the Valley Dress

It seems a miracle to me that I even accomplished some sewing during this crazy holiday season. Crazy not because we have tons of families or friends coming over to visit; Crazy, simply because it's a long school holiday and I don't know how to chill.

Ok this dress (pattern from Cotton Friend) is sewn in between some days of strawberry picking, horse feeding and Lego building. I wanted to do something simple and casual that I can wear most of the summer days. I find myself only fancy wearing the garments that I've made myself nowadays.  They are in heavy rotation and I often have to wait for a specific item to dry. I need to make more clothes.

It was an easy sew, with some front tucks. If you haven't noticed, I'm all in for the tucks now. I was worried that white fabric could be see-through but these three small pieces of double layers created by tucks have taken away all my worries.

The shape is somewhat baggy and it reminds me of Lily of the Valley. Don't get me wrong. I like baggy. It doesn't make me look like a stick all right, but I also wouldn't like to be mistaken as some escaped mental patient, especially during the school holiday season when my sanity is rather questionable.

There's no way C'd let me pass without a joint photoshoot.
Happy holidays!

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