Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Letter to Santa

Christmas in our household is a time of straight forward gifts giving, with very little celebration. For a starter, I was not brought up with Christian, being Chinese and all. M's side is a lot more complicated with him dabbling in almost every single religion one can think of. He's religion sober now and that makes us a religionless family.

However we (especially C) believe in Santa and his elves. C wrote two letters to Santa this year. She requested a new Lego set and then realized that Santa might not know which set she'd chosen. Here is the follow up letter:

Of course Santa must've searched high and low for that specific Lego set and delivered just in time.
We displayed a Christmas tree the whole month and moved it near a window on Christmas eve so Santa could have easier access. C was beside herself when she found the new bike surprise. I got a new electronic toothbrush (speaking of being practical), and M a wireless keyboard for the TV.

Thank you Santa for your generosity.
Post-Christmas greetings to all.

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