Monday, December 29, 2014

A Cross-stitched Cat

What C's wardrobe really needs right now are some basics. Since, you know, I haven't been clothes shopping for a while now and all her plain tees have become somewhat soggy, which are vivid images of pickled cabbages.

I got super inspired by this post. I am a huge cross-stitch fan, probably because it's so brainless and the end product has that wow factor. I spent my whole pregnancy finishing this piece that's just shy of 100 thousand stitches. That's every night sitting in front of the TV and stitching....

Back to this tee shirt. The pattern is from my beloved book called Tsukutte Agetai Onna no Ko no Oyofuku / Girls Clothes I want to Make. I love the bubbly sleeves, which really give the plain tee a girly twist.

I found a few simple cross-stitch patterns on Pinterest and C picked out a few to be made. This black cat is her first choice. It took longer than I expected, with minor mistakes here and there.
C is in between sizes. I made it a size 120cm this time. It fits her perfectly and I do hope it lasts longer considering the amount of work I put in.
The cross-stitch patch could've been a little higher, but overall it's a success. I've got other patterns saved and pinned for future tee shirts. Can't wait.

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