Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Above-and-Beyond Dress

Feminine Wardrobe.
I bought this book a while ago. Paged it through and loved most of the designs. They're all so me, I thought.  Instantly I had this big ambition to sew at least 10 of them.  However I left the book intentionally on the shelf for weeks. Why's that? It looks like most designs involve more procedures than my other projects....

This is the cover dress that I fell in love with at first sight. I knew it was going to take longer to finish, with hand sewing here and there. I was geared up for it. I even bought my first fabric marker. Oh yes, I've been stealing my daughter's felt pens to trace the patterns onto fabric.

About this fabric marker I had just purchased,
So I was at the store and saw two models. One says "disappearing fabric pen" and "Made in Japan", the other states "wash out fabric pen" and that's it. Of course I went straight for the disappearing model. Who doesn't trust Japanese quality? I tested it on the wrong side of a pair of pants from M that was left near the sewing machine to be shortened. Great result --- the color did fade the next day but it was still there. I had just enough time to cut and mark the fabric before I had to go fetch C from school. When I came back, the marks had all vanished. But that's not even an hour! I'm not sure if it's the fabric or the rubbing, I had to sew as I marked. The color would disappear without minutes!! I think I'm ready to pass it on to C as some fairy magical pen.

There are tucks on the front and back, the sleeves, and the front bow panel. Since I love the look so much, I devoted my time to precisely sew one after one, after one. The front center of the neckline ended up with 10 layers of fabric. All I'm saying is that it's worth every single one of them.

Once I put it on, it just lifted up my spirit. I was like a little girl who can't stop dancing. I truly indeed love it, and consider it mission successfully accomplished.
By the way, I haven't worn it outside yet, too precious ha.

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