Monday, November 24, 2014

Ready For Pre-3

No, I didn't make all those clothes in the picture. They are thrifted school uniforms indeed, for the beginning of next year. Less than two weeks of school days before C moves onto pre-3, the year before Grade 1. It still feels like yesterday when we sent her off to pre-school for the first time.

Next year will be a transitional year for the kids to familiarize the concept of wearing uniforms. The school's strict that they have to wear a uniform everyday, but the style is totally up to the kids, be it t-shirt + shorts, or just a pinafore. Since Grade 1 introduces a whole new set of uniform, we went straight to the second-hand sales and got 10 pieces of clothing for a steal.

I have this mixed feeling towards school uniforms. I understand it's ideal that the kids have less or no comparison with regards to what they wear, but as a sewing mama, some part of me feels sad...
On the contrary, C's super keen to try on her new bigger girl outifts, even excited over the colors she normally wouldn't touch. As a matter of fact, she wore a pinafore to school right after I've washed everything.

I'd say she's definitely ready for a whole new year of fun and learning.

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