Monday, November 10, 2014

Protein Craving

In this past week, I kept having this burning sensation of hunger. It's like there's a hole in my stomach and it couldn't be filled with my usual diet. I was protein hungry.
I went to the supermarket twice in the morning to buy steak for breakfast, after my morning cereals. Plus once before fetching C from school at noon, I had to run into a shop to get something substantial to eat. I was beyond hungry and I don't starve myself for any purposes.

Growing up my mom had honored me the nickname "meat master". Besides the fact that I found meat more tasty than vegetables, I was simply a picky eater who said no to most vegetables, according to my dad, although now I see that I was no comparison to my daughter. I remember once going to a buffet restaurant during my teen years, I polished 8 chicken drumsticks and 3 steaks. My family used to joke that I was the only one that could eat our money back. I guess I had more growth spurts than other kids?

I became a fan of vegetables after I turned 20. It's a transition from nowhere. My taste buds decided to agree with the taste and I ate less and less meat. That's also the time when I became more aware of my figure etc, although I've never been overweight. I met my then vegetarian husband when I was 22 and I had stuck to a vegetarian diet as well, for 2 years.

Nowadays you hear about cruelty and environmental issues related to meat production all the time and it makes you feel ashamed to admit that you eat meat. There are even chances to be instantly framed as some careless carnivore? It's so easy to go from one extreme to the other. I guess listening to your own body's calling is way more important. We human beings are omnivores after all. I believe in a balanced diet and I am just planning to keep feeding myself with some solid protein for a while.

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