Sunday, November 30, 2014

Petal Bleu Mini Me Version


Lately, C has her eyes on everything I make for myself. She wouldn't stop after I made myself this outfit, and as usual I take her demand very seriously ;-)
I used the same fabric for both top and pants, as mine. Found a similar pattern for the top. As you can see, I'm far from done with tucks. When it came to pants, it's always a gamble with C. To avoid the heartbreak of her total rejection I opted for a super simple style, and she loved them. And besides that, I was too lazy to add side and back pockets at this stage.

These patterned webbings at the bottom might just be the reason why she loves the pants so much. I was too eager to break my own pattern tracing speed record and completely forgot to extend the bottom seam allowance outwards, which resulted in some severe puckerings. I just had to sew on these webbings to cover them...

The photoshoot nowadays is fun, quick and motion friendly.

She's worn this outfit throughout the weekend, and is planning to wear again on Monday to school. I'd say it's a huge success!

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