Monday, November 17, 2014

High Fashion Witch Outfit

Halloween's long passed but since I had promised to still make C a witch outfit back then, it'd been humming at the back of my ears for two weeks. I went through some pattern pieces back and forth, trying to picture a witchy potential, and eventually I landed here.

I like the simple design of the pattern and obviously lengthened the skirt part to its maximum.

The skirt part is made from some most expensive fabric that I have purchased, to date. I'm usually a very conservative shopper that I always double check the price tag. But when I saw this fabric, what I had envisioned a modern witch dress came alive. That particular fabric roll didn't have a tag and I was too excited to confirm the price. Luckily, I only needed half a meter and the expression on C's face was totally worth every cent.

We found some broken branches as a witch's wand/broom stick.

A witch is not complete without some cat.....

This hat deserves a red carpet of its own, if I hadn't made it teeny weeny too small. I followed Delia's tutorial and added these rolled flowers that I had been wanting to try since forever.

C decided to set up a scene for herself. This is by far the most fun shoot we've had. The power of costumes I'd say.
I'm not sure how to wash this fabric though. Dry cleaning? Well, the good news is it's in black. Maybe I'll never have to wash it, ever.... :-)

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