Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween According to Wikipedia

Two minutes ago, I wikipediaed "Halloween". To be honest, I didn't finish reading the whole story. Although Christmas penetrated China long ago when I was a kid, this whole Halloween concept is still fresh.

This year, C was invited to a dress-up party. That's 3 days after her birthday and on the same day of the school Sports Day. I was recovering from all the overdosed excitement and feeling quite drained. C did mention during the week that she'd like a witch costume, which I failed to even lay my hands on. She has been busy with her newly acquired Lego toys for days and told me on the day of the party that she really doesn't feel like going. What a relief! "But mom, I still want a witch costume." That just erased the deadline. Thank you.

I bought a pumpkin from the store two weeks or so ago. My first ever pumpkin in its original package. I imagined a pumpkin should be more thick fleshed and difficult to pierce through, a butternut's cousin. It is nothing like that. Condensed foam sheets came to my mind. The inside is hollow. I guess that onion I bought to make pumpkin soup with won't be needed.

I Youtubed how to carve a pumpkin with C and giggled so hard when she chose the easiest version. Here goes. Holes drilled and pumpkin cleaned.

We lit up the candle as soon as it got dark. C was super excited, even without dress-up or trick or treat in the neighborhood --- it's still in the growing force here in Africa.
Advice: next year shop for more pumpkins and start the costume sewing much earlier.

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