Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clover Jacket Revisit

Since the epic failure of this what I call the Clover Jacket, it's been hanging in my closet. I knew for a fact then that I would never wear it. Even after the annual winter to summer cupboard spring clean, that jacket was still there. What can I say? It's owned its place there and not letting go just yet.

For weeks C has been saying how she wishes she could have the same jacket. I messed up with the pattern at the first time and what's supposed to be hers is now mine and I don't have enough fabric to make a kids' version for her and it's burning a hole in my head. Besides, don't they always think what you have is always better than theirs? Ah kids....

I revisited the pattern sheet and this time I found the correct pattern pieces for kids, just to show you that I've made friends now with my Cotton Friend. I stripped apart the whole jacket. I was too scared to cut too much fabric, so I chose to use an unpicker. Honestly, I didn't know wheather it was quicker to sew up a jacket or to deconstruct one. I had just enough two small pieces of leftover fabric to correct the mistake I made on the front panel. Now everything's perfect.

It was a quick sew, since I kept the bottom part as is and had all the bias tapes ready. C came home from school in the noon and saw the jacket. "Wow mom, you did all this while I was at school? You are Kini now!"

Well the truth was I slipped and twisted my ankle pretty bad that morning. So my mobility was limited. I trapped myself at the sewing table.  Right after my fall, the first thing that came to my mind was "Oh thank goodness, I didn't hurt my sewing foot." Funny.

before and after

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