Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Things -- Spring House Invaders

C has been home for a week now due to another school holiday. I am still not quite used to the 4 school breaks in the southern hemisphere. Plus the school C goes to are off during multiple Christian and Jewish holidays, something that we don't relate to at all.... It's like every second week there are two days off because of some kind of religious holidays.

All right, let's change a subject and talk about Spring. Since the Capetonian wind marked the beginning of the season, we've been spotting caterpillars all over the place, some are hairy, some not, but they give me the creeps all the same. I have to tiptoe now walking at the back of the house, because they're everywhere on the ground. I suppose if I had been raised in a farm, I would have been more immune to these nature's little creatures?

Locust found in the garden


Oh where do I begin with these two? Don't be fooled by their innocent faces. Before we got the cats I had never seen a mole in or near the house. Now they're bringing in a mole inside the house, on a daily basis. Sometimes I come home to a murder scene, like National Geographic Channel on a small scale. Should I stop buying food for them now and get a bunch of deworming pills instead? Aaah just the thought of that is enough to make me sick. Nature. Again.

School starts tomorrow. Happy 3rd term.

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