Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Things --- Butterflies and Tea

Remember those yucky caterpillars that invaded our house one week ago? Look at them now. There are butterflies everywhere inside and outside the house. I've never seen so many of them before. There are at least 20 of them on the lavendar bush at a time and many more flying around. They've turned our place to some enchanting fairy garden and frankly, this beats Butterfly World far and away.

I'm usually not a big fan of insects, of any kind. But these butterflies are like watching your own baby grow, or growing your own vegetables.... Maybe I'm not using the metaphor correctly. What I'm trying to say is we have established some kind of bond and I don't mind them hovering around and laying more eggs, and providing enough entertainment for the cats at the same time.

Some other things that I don't normally do --- coffee + cake. We had some friends over for tea and I brought out this killer cheesecake. M calls it the million-dollar cheesecake. Not only because it's super delicious, but also the cost of the ingredients to make this cake is quite high. Was it worth every single penny? Totally.

Beautiful friends. Lovely cake. Dreamy garden. It doesn't get any better.

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