Saturday, October 11, 2014

Project Runway Inspired Bellflower Dress

C's recent obsession is Project Runway. It's becoming our family's favorite TV show as well. I hear her talk about Mood and squins all the time while she plays her imaginery games. Speaking of Mood, if I ever get to go to New York one day, it will be my first stop.

One day she was going through my fabric and accessories stash, which happens quite often lately, she pulled out some fabric from the deep bottom that I bought long before the sewing days and something I thought I'd never make use of, plus some squins elastic. "Mommy, I want a high fashion dress with this fabric and the squins as a belt." She had already wrapped herself in the fabric before I got out my pattern collection. Ok I have to admit that the color coordination is good.

I like the print, and that's probably the reason why I bought it years ago. The thing is, back then, I had no understanding of fabric and this material feels funny. It's got a shine and definitely not 100% cotton. I found out more about it later on.

The pattern is from this book and it has a back zip closure, something I was still afraid of. My first attempt with a zip was 3 months ago on this one-shoulder dress. I did a lousy job then and after that dress, I still wasn't sure how to sew it on probably. This time I decided to be more commited. A few searches later, I landed at Craftsy and they have some free mini series on zipper techniques, offered by Sunni Standing. Boy did it make a big difference. I didn't even know there was such a thing called zipper foot. So I went to my sewing machine manuel, got out the zipper foot, watched another tutorial on how to install it. I couldn't believe how close the stitches are to the teeth. It looks so professional this time around that I'm not shy to show it off.

The dress is twirlable and gives this lantern shape which fancy. This montrous fabric is something else though. I was too scared to set the iron temperature high due to its syntheticity, but somehow no matter how much I try to press, it bounces back. So I ended up using tons of pins to secure everything in its place.

The fit is great.
C is over the moon. "Mommy, I know I've got one million dresses already, but can you make me an evening gown?" Aah Project Runway side effect.....

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