Saturday, October 18, 2014

PJ Pants

The weather's changing and we are all in need of some light-weight PJ pants. I passed the PJ pants section one day after grocery shopping. They're reasonably priced and some of them were even on sale. The thing is since I took sewing seriously, I just can't bring myself to purchase new clothes from the shops... It's  a curse I'm telling you, but I'm happily and willingly bearing this "curse".

I found a free pattern from Simplicity. The 25-page pattern printout led to a one-and-a-half hours' workout.  There're no page number or border lines, so I had to solve the puzzle then measure the 1-inch blocks near the edges and cut of the overlapping pieces.  I shouldn't complain too much for something that's free, right? :-)

Once the pattern was solved, the pants came together in a flash. I made these two for M and he insisted that I chop off 12cm from the bottom. So here are the chubby short legged version of PJ pants that he adores.

While doing the fabric shopping, I ditched the idea of making matching PJ pants for all of us. A few cotton with floral prints immediately caught my eye.  I decided to rather make something more functional than just home pants. I'm burying myself in pants/shorts patterns of all lengths and sizes right now.  Fun way to spend the weekend for me.

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