Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Paper Cranes

Last year around this time we turned our house into a sweat shop. With C's birthday approaching, I decided to decorate the party with hanging paper cranes, since she didn't request a specific theme.

I loved origami as a child and could probably fold a lot more at a faster rate. During my teens, folding paper cranes was the thing to do. Everybody was making them with small origami paper then put them in a glass jar. There were a few sayings, of which I used to believe that if I had to make 1000 of them, I would be granted one wish. If you gifted the cranes to someone else, s/he would receive the blessings from the cranes God.

I'd like to share a brief picture tutorial of how to make these cranes.
Start with a square piece of paper.

Pull the left and right sides together and do the same to the back.

Bring the front parts together and back parts together, as in the previous picture.

I've found this origami website equipped with videos that will walk you through the whole making process. If you are brave enough, do try some more.

And if you own some skinny fingers, go crazy.

This year I haven't got my party actions started yet as we are still in the debate whether to have a small birthday party or not.....tic tac...tic...tac...

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