Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Life Lately

What's on life lately is this coconut oil. I can't get enough of it. Actually our whole family can't get enough of it.
Originally I got this for C's on-and-off eczema attack. I'm still not sure how strong its eczema suppressing power is yet as it's still in the testing phase for us, but wow that coconut scent is enchanting. I find myself rubbing it on my hands all the time. It's oily at first then it gets absorbs so quickly and leaves this delicious dreamy smell. C says "Oh I want to bite my arm. It smells like cookie."

Having had a pretty drugged-up childhood, I'm still in the transitional stage of learning and accepting all the natural alternatives. Soon I shall be brave enough to put it on my face and condition my hair with it, and I won't be shy to report. One day, I mean one day, I will reburbish my whole cupboard with natural or homemade toiletries. Ambitious.

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