Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not-So-Sportive Sports Day Outfit

Last week, I got a reminder from school saying this coming Friday's Sports Day and her class dress code is green. I had all that birthday plan happening at the same time, yet I still found myself in a fabric store searching for green fabric. I'm hopeless.

I had to check the weather report, to see what kind of weather we are getting on the event day. Wind and a temperature drop. Anything that's not too summery should do. I settled for this cardigan.
Although I did try sewing some matching green leggings but this ribbing fabric failed miserably to stretch to much needed legging capacity.

Here is little C in her sporty mode, doing kung-fu maybe. She now knows the drill --- new clothes = photoshoots. And she's learnt to do it as coorporative and fast as she can.


The construction was easy-peasy. Unlike my previous projects that I sewed up over days, this one actually has a deadline. Maybe because of the time pressure plus my determination, I finished it in one night, my record speed. I like the gather effect created by elastic at the bottom.

I see a lot more potential in this outfit than some possibly once-off sporty look garment for C. She's too girly to accept sportswear, at least for now.
In any case, C's Sports Day ready.

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