Friday, October 3, 2014


Since I became a regular at the gym, I've been "spying" on this girl in the change room, same hour, same spot. I suppose taking a picture with a bunch of undresssed ladies as background would be highly inappropriate, I came home and sketched this picture which C couldn't wait to lay hands on with her coloring pencils.

There she was, blow drying her hair with a curling brush and at the same time paging through some Italian text book. My eyes can't move away from the mirror when drying my own hair, let alone reading something that requires some sort of processing and memorizing.

As a kid, I could handle multitasking much better. We lived in a small two-bedroom apartment. My mom would watch TV shows while I was doing homework in the other room. I was too curious to hear what's going on on TV so I moved my homework in front of TV shows that she was unwilling to turn off (not good parenting mom). Nowadays I have to switch the music off  to read. I envy that girl in the picture.

Since her image is stuck so deep in my head, I've moved the sewing machine to the dining room table so I make pancakes and sew at the same time now. The problem is M has started suggesting that I rather combine pancake making and dish washing......

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