Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Floral Pants

Two pairs of PJ pants for M ignited my sewing passion for pants, simply because they're super easy and fast to whip up. Originally I wanted to make some PJ pants for myself as well, but a trip to the fabric shop changed my mind. With fabric like this, too much of a waste just to make something to sleep in. I found a loose fitted style in this magazine and now they're dual functional.

"How do I look?" I asked M. "You look like a granny" was the feedback. Ok, maybe the pants were a little forceful under this dress. I imagine I can see where he's coming from....

These pants are from a one-piece pattern. I was worried at the beginning wondering if the back would be too low or the front too high. Never saw the problem once they're finished. This is my second pair and I didn't even bother to zigzag the hem out. A few broken thread later (probably due to my speeding on the machine) the pants were born already.
M keeps telling me that I look stiff in the pictures, so I bounced around like a monkey and a few monkey dance moves later, I present this girl in misshaped top, obviously enjoying the new pants. 
These pants have reinforced the steady growth of my pants' pile. Keep them coming I say.

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