Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Outfit

Technically speaking, I didn't plan to make this outfit for C's birthday. But both of them were finished and ready to wear just 2 days before her birthday and C was very determined to save them and wear on the day.
Top pattern is here.

I'm quite surprised as this is not some extravagant dress that little girls like her adore. It's clean, and with a little girl scout twist? Maybe the Asian style scouts. I remember me growing up wearing a lot of similar two-piece like this.

I love this fabric. The embroidery pattern gives the white fabric such a lift.  After sewing some really stubborn polyester fabric, I was simply happy to lay my hands on this pure cotton that's willing to be pressed. 

I made these shorts while I was in a grand pants sewing mood. I had kept them aside to wait for a perfect matching top, since you know, we are all dresses nowadays. I had the shorts in my head while I was making this white top. I dug out some leftover red fabric from a previous project to make the neck binding, aiming for a more coordinated look with the shorts.
By the way, C had a great birthday. She woke up in the morning and saying "Oh my feet and hands are bigger. I'm f-i-v-e!"

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