Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Things

As far as a weekend goes, this one's quite productive. Although we spent the whole Saturday at home playing pretend games and I felt totally mentally drained. The talking games consumes me. It never cease to amaze me that whenever it's M's turn to take over, he starts complaining about being dizzy or sleepy or suggests us watch a movie or let C play on iPad.  I don't think I can live with myself if I were to let the TV or iPad babysit. Maybe that's a mother thing. Moms today are tend to be a lot stricter than dads.

As far as a daughter goes, ours still cannot have herself entertained. Even with coloring-in, or jigsaw puzzles, we just have to sit and work with her. Is this an Only Child Syndrome I wonder? Ok maybe when the days really come when she decides to read books all by herself I will miss all of these....

the cats are very determined to show their faces

There's this pair of leggings that are squashing my insides badly. They're one size too small. Their time with me was long over but when C found them in the deep end of my closet and she started to say how much she liked the fabric and color. A weekend leggings upcycle project?

It's the second time I've used Go To Leggings pattern. They're so easy to sew that I can probably finish up a pair while making pancakes. C decided to wear them to the beach on Sunday.

We found this bluebottle and built something from the scrapes we found on the beach. Chilly in the wind, but what a relaxing way to end the weekend.

Oh we also baked these oatmeal cookies which surprisingly turned out not to be a big hit to C.... "I much prefer the old chocolate chip cookies" she says.

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