Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fusion Dress

I want to say this is the most successful project so far, but I feel the urge to say that after almost every single one is made. I need some control, even though I'm crazy about the fabric, the style and the details.

The fabric is Coral Tree collection from De Gama Textiles. 100% cotton quilting from a local manufacturer. The quality makes it a dream to work with.

Can I talk about details now? Like most Japanese styles, this dress has a simple construction but the details under the neckline, the pockets, and the cuffs deserve some thumb-ups. If I had walked into a shop seeing a dress like this before the sewing days, I would have only looked at the fabric and shape. Now I'm totally into the details, who I believe are the true soldiers behind a garment.

The pattern is from Cotton Friend.  I have however altered the sleeves to full length. I personally don't get the idea of 3/4 sleeves. They look good but really they're a little cold for spring/autumn. Maybe it's because my hands are always cold if the sleeves don't have enough coverage till the wrists and I don't like the feeling.

 C put it on and that was it. She wore it the entire time when she's drawing with kokies and eating a chocolate ice cream.... I felt like taking some anxiety pills to calm myself down, oh wait, I don't even have a pill like that. OK.... just please don't spill on that dress....

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