Thursday, September 25, 2014

So-Many-Things-Have-Gone-Wrong Jacket

 This pattern is from a Cotton Friend magazine and it's my first encounter with their pattern pieces. Confused is an understatement. I laid out the pattern sheets and stared at them for a good ten minutes, from table to floor, aiming for a bird view to locate the pieces for this cross-over jacket. I failed. It's stated on the magazine page that there should be pattern pieces for both adults and kids on the sheets, but I found pieces missing from either one. Hopeless. I was determined to make it, but I made it like a blind cat chasing her mice.
I traced a combination of kids' and adults' sizes from the pattern sheets and made a mental note to lay the chest pieces following the lines on the fabric, so that the lines are vertical, like the rest of the jacket. Fatal mistake --- I wrongfully took the bodice side seams as shoulder seams. It was too late to cut new pieces as I had run out of fabric...
I extended the sleeve to a full-length for C, and traced a kids length.  In spite of every single intention to make it for C, the jacket just turned out gigantic for her and a teensy weensy tight for me. I had to squeeze myself into the sleeves, which are 3/4 length on my arms. It's an adult size medium with a shorter skirt. At least I know what I will have to do if I'm ever going to make it again, which is quite likely.

Besides all the confusions with the pattern pieces, the construction was a breeze to sew.  Right now, I'm filtering lots of data in my head, thinking who I can give this to. I hardly know anybody that has less volumn than me....
Sewing-project-gone-wrong reject, anyone?

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