Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shutting Down

I must be carrying some workaholic genes, since the only time I take a break is when I'm sick or C is sick. In this case, C is.

She came from school last Friday, not well. A fever spiked high that night with some complaints of a sore chest and a sore tummy. She spent the weekend in a blur, burning up like a hot water bottle. Things were getting better yesterday. Fever's gone but it still left her all lethargic. She's had one touch of tummy bug before and went foodless for a week, so this time I feel more experienced and relaxed. All I do everyday is lying next to her, meanwhile being pushed to the very edge of the bed with my head almost hanging in the air, days spent more horizontally than vertically, not being able to/not being allowed to do anything else. She still hasn't had any solids yet, but with a liquid interval every 5 minutes or so, I'm not too worried.

As a matter of fact, I am allowing myself to take a break, not having to worry if she's getting enough veggie or fruit because she's getting none. Kitchen is not happening at all. I'm on a museli diet. Luckily I just made a batch befire C got sick. M's got bread and sausages and is eating with the fridge leftovers. Sewing table has no action and a thin layer of dust is starting to form.

I tried working on iPad when her nap schedule is on, but the bedroom doesn't receive any internet reception, which is probably a good thing. I switched the iPad to airplane mode and gave it a good clean. I also practiced joining pictures on instagram --- way easier to use than photoshop. These are about the only things I have done. Other times, I am simply ordered to close my eyes and sleep as well. I swear C sets up a mental alarm clock every 5 minutes to check up on me.  The cries and moans caused by my slight movements --- even from turning a book page --- give me more headaches than her discomfort, or so it seems. So we've synchronized ourselves and are shutting down altogether....

Till we both function again. :D

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