Friday, September 12, 2014

Robot and Shoes

C came from school one day,
C: Mom, do you know that an ambulance can drive through red traffic light?
Me: Yes, if the siren is on.
C: I think it must stop when the light is green.....

She just finished two weeks of theme "opposite". Can you blame her?

She's not a big fan of practical shoes, like most girly girls. We got her this pair of enduro shoes and attempted to bribe her to wear them, but failed miserably. So the shoes were on the stairs for 2 weeks, like introducing a new kind of food theory. The exposure strategy didn't work for her and the shoes were becoming a piece of furniture. I had to do something.

Me: Do you know these shoes make you run super fast? You put them on and I'll put my running shoes on then we have a race.

C was immediately sold and we ran up and down until she's convinced the shoes gave her superhero speed. She wore those shoes happily to school the next day.

After school.

C: Mom, these shoes are not as fast as O's boots.....

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