Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Thoughts

My ideal day would go like this:
  • Dropping C off at school
  • Going pass gym
  • Grocery shopping
  • Working on a sewing project or try a new recipe
  • Having enough time to blog
  • Fetching C
  • Playing
  • Supper
  • Spending time with M
  • Reading
  • Shutting off
wheatgrass happening in the garden
The reality does its job to prevent my ideal day from happening. There are tons of things happening in between, of which house chores and playing with C take up a big part.

Often I find myself:
  • Skipping gym
  • Cooking supper in the morning so I can avoid the nagging in the evening
  • Sewing at night as if I was in a sweatshop
  • Writing a blog and making pancakes at the same time, both happening 11pm at night
  • Yawning while making pretend fairy friends with C's dolls
  • Skipping spending time with M at all

I always have a long to-do list and frankly I might go into a panic state if the list was getting any shorter. I would appreciate some extra hours a day to finish things up, but unfortunately, I'm not one of those who can function on a 5-hours' sleep day. I still need to work around my schedule to fit everything in more nicely, because I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

To those SAHMs who spend a big amount of time on beauty salons weekly and still phone the teacher to say that they're stuck at salon having the eye brows shaped, you live some totally different lives......

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