Monday, September 1, 2014

iPad Games

Do you play games on iPad for your young children? I do!

It all started about just before C turned 2. We together downloaded this game called My Horse. (to read more about her love for horses/animals, click here.) It's not one of those games that you touch the horse and it makes some neighing sounds. This game, however, involves activies at the stable and you train the horse for competitions etc. It is quite complicated for a 2-year-old but she was very determined to play. One thing that got her upset was she never had enough coins or gems to buy new gadgets or one specific unicorn in the game, because she didn't spend enough time on the game, and of course she's not supposed to have the iPad on her lap the whole day. That's when I decided to dive in. I would check on the games from time to time, on a daily basis, to collect coins. I figured if I could carry on like this, then she should have enough coins to get new things rather constantly and a unicorn that costs 325 gems in 10 months' time. I could, just spend $16 real cash to buy gems and redeem the unicorn straight away, but that's not me. $16 is a lot to ask for a unicorn that only exists in the game.

Anyway, I'm generally quite persisitent and I worked my way to 78 gems until one day C was shopping with the coins and she bought something with the gems by accident. There, all my 2 months' worth of work gone. I crashed and poor C just watched me crying, not knowing what had hit me.

She's since then quite careful with the gems and somehow learned some minimal concept of saving, which I consider very valuable. Over the years, we have played same type of games like Hay Day, Wonder Zoo, My Little Pony, and her current favorite Littlest Pet Shop. I'm still the secret force collecting the coins and XPs. That two minutes here and there from me really bring great joy to C when she discovers the things she can buy in the games.

Having said that, C has restricted time to spend on iPad everyday, or somedays, not at all, by her choice.
And yes, I just did a roundup on her games before this is posted.

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