Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black Pepper V-neck Dress

M got me 4 pieces of fabric from his recent trip to Bellville. They are so delicious and I want to kiss and sleep with me. From the name on the selvedge I found out that the fabric are from a local manufacturer called Da Gama Textiles. Pure quality cotton. I was so excited that I didn't even bother to wash the fabric and quickly traced a v-neck dress from Sew Chic Kids.

I picked out a very simple v-neck dress with just 4 pieces of patterns --- I wanted it to be quick, and got some black elastic and lace braids from stash. Just enough length to coat the armholes and neck with the combination. It's a lot more than the 106cm suggested on the book. (?!)

I had made the dress the night before and hid it in C's cupboard. She went to choose her own outfit this morning and went straight to the dress. As happy as I was, I convinced her to wait just one more day till grandparents are here on Thursday.

I'll have to carefully choose her snack for tomorrow. No mess on this dress please~~~

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