Thursday, September 4, 2014

3D Double-decker Bus from CubicFun

I love building models. Maybe that's the reason I'm addicted to sewing nowadays. Same concept, wouldn't you say? I brought some model toy sets in my suitcase when I moved to Cape Town years ago. They are from a company called CubicFun. At the time the products were still quite fresh in the market. Now, they are widely sourceable from toys or hobby shops. The ones I brought all the way from Shanghai lived on my shelf for 2 years before I got rid of them. Sold them on bidorbuy and they were gone within a week. I had never opened one box but judging from the packaging, they look quite decent and of good quality.

C has lately developed an affection for building blocks and can sniff Lego sets at a toy shop isles away. I thought, hmm, it's time to get some easy model building addition to her toy corner. So I went shopping. Saw some good old CubicFun sets like the Eiffel Tower, Saint Paul's Cathedral, Colosseum, etc etc. Some state age 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+. They all look quite complicated for a 4-year-old and I wasn't sure what it's like inside the box and did't want to waste the money on something that could be too advanced for her age. This little box stuck at the corner caught my eye, a 66-piece double-decker red bus for age 3+. C loves vehicles and it's the simpliest it can get. Sold!

She was super excited to build with me. But only a short while later, we both realized it's way too difficult for her little hands to handle. So she's in charge of breaking off pieces from the sheet while I folded and put things in their places. The problem? There's no glue involved and the pieces are not stuck together tightly. I was so afraid just by me breathing a little heavily, the whole thing might fall apart.

30 minutes in and I was still hold my breath and gingerly adding pieces. By this stage, I really felt like throwing a major tantrum and smashing it with a rolling pin. Ok, the bus's done, with some pieces missing, the ones I really couldn't slot them in tightly. We took out other toys cars and set up a street scene with this bus, tiptoeing around it because during the play, I had to fix it up twice and I was very close to my meltdown point. 3D puzzles, I need a big break from you. The whole time I was thinking, maybe it's designed for age 3+ brutally trained Chinese kids only?

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