Monday, August 18, 2014

Sweet Potato and Tomato Curry Soup

Last week a friend asked me if I had a sweet tooth. The answer was and will always be "No!"
I never liked sweets as a kid, but far preferred savory treats like Tuc biscuits or biltong.
Lately I'm stuffing my face with so much cakes from all the kids parties I've been to. I'm on the go all day and lunch doesn't usually get to climb onto my priority list, so when I see those cakes in the early afternoons, I dive in.

This picture has nothing to do with cupcakes. Thank goodness. Instead, it's a picture of my lunch the other day. Back in the days in Shanghai, three meals were abundant and important. I can't believe how I've neglected my lunch.

M was home to join me. He asked me if this was some promotion meal I make for the blog. It's not a bad idea, is it? I will try one new recipe at least once a week and satisfy my mid-day stomach at the same time.

The recipe is here.  I did find it a little bland and added a pinch of salt and sugar in the end. It's quick to cook and goes well with rice. Good news is there should be even enough leftover for dinner.

I've still got a few kids parties coming in the next 2 months and I certianly won't have an affair with those cupcakes anymore once I've got some proper food in the tummy.

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