Friday, August 1, 2014

Smock Top

The week has come to an end and I've finally whipped up something for C. The pattern is from Sew Chic Kids. I've sewn from a few Japanese patterns now and I'm so loving them that I wish I could own all the books. The pattern pieces are very easy to put together, yet it has a very good style.

At the moment, I have two yearnings ---- sewing and Japanese.
I studied Japanese for a year in high school, although now it's nothing more than a distant memory. These pattern books (which are English) are reviving my admiration for the culture of that country. Their humble manners and politeness make me cry, or feel ashamed sometimes...
I didn't get a chance to fabric shop this week, so I dug through my growing stash and found this soft linen, which I have used before to make an apron. Perfect for this top.

I still have to work on the neck binding and the front gather's also not done to the perfection. Good news is I have other patterns traced and cut already and I can't wait to start working on them.

As usual, C's very excited to have another new top. Her words before bed were "I can't wait for tomorrow to come so I can wear it all day long". Thank you for always giving me your acknowledgement. You don't know how much it means to me.

C doesn't own one single pair of pants (leggings don't count) and she refuses to wear any. She doesn't think pants are girlish enough. I think it can be from me though, since you know, I don't have any long pants either. I have one dysfunctional pair of jeans stuck at the deep end of the closet, ready to be dumped anytime. I wear stockings and leggings most days and if it gets too chilly, I put on stockings and tights or leggings together. Big influence on my little girl..... Luckily, leggings go with everything, almost.

We are testing the bounceability of the top and my ability to capture a good jump on the trampoline with this new camera....

Happy Friday!

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