Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simpliest Roast Chicken

We eat roast chicken almost once a week.  Yet I always tend to surrender to Woolworths' rotisserie version.  It's C's first love as a baby after all. Although I've tried and failed cooking chicken at home in the years.
  • stuffing it with lemon/garlic/onion/herbs....
  • rubbing it with butter
  • popping one in a slow cooker and the meat turned out so overcooked and dry
  • dumping the whole chicken in a pot of water with a few pieces of ginger and some salt
The taste was just somehow not right and my chicken was never a popular thing at home.
One day I decided to go simple and it's probably the best thing I've ever done in the month.

You know when I look at recipes and I'm always bewildered with the words "season with salt and pepper". It doesn't tell you how much it's needed exactly. It's a personal taste buds issue, I know, but some guidelines would help.  My chicken was often under-seasoned. Anyway, this time I went wild and ground about 1t each of salt and pepper. Rubbed it oh-so-very nicely inside and out. Coat it again with olive oil and didn't add one more thing.

Into the 200C oven and let it cook for a good 1h30m. C's been on and on about this chicken the whole week and I actually cooked it twice in the week due to popular demand.

When I was a kid, I'd de-skin the whole roast chicken, while my parents were busy preparing the meal, and then I just heard them shout "how come our chicken is always skinless?" Roast Chicken's skin is still one of my favorites. If I was still allowed to do so, I'd peel off this chicken skin and eat it like crispy butter. Heaven.

Goodbye supermarket chicken. Your service is no longer required.

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