Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lane Raglan Tee + Go To Leggings


I made my first very own clothes today! I'm so excited and this is definitely not the end of it. I've been wanting to buy some basic tees for myself... Everytime I passed the shop windows I kept on telling myself that it's so easy to make and I should just do it. I bought a raglan tee pattern 2 months ago, and it's burning a hole on my laptop (PDF pattern).

Frankly, I have no fear for knits. Knit fabric is the first kind of material I laid my hands on. I treated it just as woven fabric, except for the crazy slippery kind. I've always like ribbing. I spent 10 minutes going through all the ribbing selections in the store and decided on this piece of red. I'm indecisive at times....

I'm usually a neutral color kind of gal, but since I'm clothing for myself for the first time, I feel that I need something more memorable than grey. Plus I want to make C a pair of leggings as well, using the same piece of fabric --- more on that. I think it's a nicely loose fit. If I want a huggier look next time, I might go a size smaller but keep the sleeve length. Ape arms from my mom.

I got this Go To Leggings pattern about the same time when it was on a 24-hour 50% off sale. I measured on C's store bought leggings and find the pattern length seems a little short, so I added about 5cm to the size 5T for my currently 4y10m-old girl. My infinity scarf has found a match. These leggings are equally fast to make. So fast that I could probably make them for a living.

I loved the photoshoot and C kept coming back and getting in the shots with me. I have so many of us making the silliest faces together that I can't use here. Since I'm the one that stands behind the camera all the time, C rarely has a shot with me but plenty with daddy. I guess I enjoyed this more than anyone else.

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