Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flamingo Flare Sleeve Dress

These day the most frequent question I ask would be "Any fabric store to recommend?" Turns out that not everybody goes fabric shopping.  A very helpful lady at SA Interlining gave me a few tips, one of them lead me to a shop called First Factory in Goodwood. Now I may not know the area well enough, at least I know it's a bit out of town and better grab M and go with. And C was very excited to come with too.

Turned out, that First Factory was 100 times smaller than I had pictured in my head. Nevertheless, we found something we liked. I spotted this flamingo print viscose and C spotted something else. We came home with just over 2 meters of fabric.....
The dress pattern is from Sew Chic Kids, again, which took me one morning to sew. It's my record speed so far and I think I'm really getting the hang of it. Besides that, I'm making bias tape like eating cereal nowadays.
C found the dress on the table, still to be hemmed, and begged to help and finish the dress. She wore it the whole afternoon and still put it on after shower. My guess is it's going to be a popular item in her closet. Bring your kids along to buy fabric is always a winner.
She came up with all of these photoshoot ideas and we went from inside to outside and back again. I ended up with hundreds of pictures to choose from. That's probably the most difficult part.

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