Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Rectangle-Gather Strap Dress

Last week I mentioned we went to a far-away fabric shop and only bought 2 meters of fabric.  This is the other one meter C chose. It's satin I think. Polyester? Anyway, it's the type of fabric that traps your perspiration and thus shouldn't be worn tightly on your skin. I knew exactly which dress to make out of it already in the shop. Pattern from Sew Chic Kids. I know I know, I've been sticking to the same book. I'm still waiting for the other sewing books that I've ordered online (shipping to the Africa continent always seems a forever wait).

This fabric is fray-crazy. It starts to fray with me barely touching it. But besides that, the dress itself is super easy to make. And I think the ties at the neck is just a genius way to make shoulder straps. So simple.

We had a 27C warm day yesterday in the middle of winter and C was lucky enough to wear the dress with nothing underneath. She was certainly full of frolics the whole day....

I often include C in the fabric shopping. Sometimes it can be disastrous with me trying to drag her away from the sparkly and sequins fabric section,  but more often than not, she is very pleased to choose fabric and have her say in the clothes that she is going to be wearing.

Until the next project....

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