Monday, August 4, 2014

Culture Shock

I believe many of us who have relocated have some experience of culture shock.
Eight years ago when I moved to Cape Town, I certainly had a few months of gloominess.
  • The shops are closed after 7pm, half day on Saturdays and definitely not open on Sundays
  • Shoes are never your favorite transporting method. You don't get in a car, you get nowhere.
  • People are more laid-back here, or in other words, lack of some driven working spirit.
I thought I could go on, but I've totally fallen in love with this city.

There is only work work work where I am from, the opposite of here. In Shanghai, every second shop in the street is a little restaurant; the 3-level public transportation can take you wherever you want to go; you can dine on the 88th floor of some sky-scrapper if you have the bucks to spend... Somehow I can't think of anything good living in a big and congested city right now.

M had a small clothing business when I got here and I used to sit in one of the small retail shops, thinking so big of myself that I didn't train to be a sales person in a little shop. In time, I talked to the customers and started to enjoy it more and more. Today I consider myself part of the city and it my second home-town.

I happened to meet someone during the weekend who is just like me 8 years ago. I hope she will start to see more and more of the good side of this place and make it her second home.

p.s. I still get mad when the technician only comes a week after we report a fault in the telephone/internet line, and this happens pretty often.....

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