Friday, August 15, 2014

Coloring Pages + Party Planning

Chiara's birthday is over two months away, and she's already in the planning spirit. It all started with a few coloring pages. I got bored with her coloring book and thought I should jazz things up a little.  I landed at We printed out a lot of Disney themed pages together. And then the Frozen passion is re-ignited.

Last year's owl cake

C: I wish I could have a Frozen themed party.
Me: Can we take you to places or shops to do or choose whatever you like this year? (Honestly, I'm not a party fan. The thought of preparation is putting me off already)
C: Are you still going to make the chocolate owl cake you did last year?
Me: Sure. We will have the same cake. (Is she buying it?)
C: But does that mean I'll have no guests?
Me: Yes, but you can get whatever you want, instead of, you know, the presents that you might not like. (Oh please say yes)
C: NO. I want guests......

Last year's party food.
OK. So the party's on. I might try again in a month's time.
While we were coloring in the new Frozen sheets,
C: Do you know? We can put these in the party give-away packs.
Me: That's a very good idea.
C: Oh but just put a piece of white paper in J's pack.
Me: Why?
C: Because she just scribbles......

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