Monday, August 11, 2014

Coconut Curry Mussel Soup

A week ago when I laid eyes on this coconut curry mussels, I started having vivid dreams at night eating that soup. Worse, I just couldn't shake that image off my head for days. So my mussel hunt was on. Two supermarkets later at my almost giving-up point, the shop staff guided me to the frozen section. Frozen mussels, with shells, are definitely better than nothing.

My very first mussel encounter goes way back to my middle school years in a buffet restaurant in Shanghai. I cleared plates after plates of them. When I got home I had to describe what I had exactly to my mom, as you know, the shellfish variety is quite big there, and there was no internet to google a picture.  Eventually my mom figured out what I had and for the following week, I was on a mussel diet. She'd just steam them and I'd finish a big bowl with a little of vinegar + soy sauce.

I love and am good at following recipes, probably better than following sewing patterns. The only change I made was to use coriander instead of spring onions. It's for garnish purpose anyway.

Towards the end of the cooking, M came out of the study and got bowls and bread ready for us. He's got a good nose and the timing's always good. Half way through it, he had to drop out due to a numb and itchy he's got a mild allergy to shellfish....His loss is my gain. I polished off all the mussels and saved a little soup in the fridge. I simply reached my limit with bread and felt too luxurious to just drink the soup by itself.

When I looked for the leftover soup the next day, I couldn't find it but the tupperwear in the sink. M must've risked his allergy again. It's that good!

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