Monday, August 25, 2014

Balsamic Pork Chops with Yorkshire Pudding

My very first attempt to cook chops was during my pregnancy. I guess most of the pregnant ladies are prescribed to iron and folic acid pills? I didn't (and still don't) eat a lot of red meat and obviously my iron level's not great. Yes I know you can get iron from various vegetable sources, but to me iron from that piece of steak sounds more solid than anything else.

frankly speaking, I was iron hungry. So on top of the pills, steaks and chops are introduced to my dinner table. Back in the days when I couldn't cook, I'd simply rub them with salt and pepper, cook them to 100% done, and chew the rubber tasting meat. And on desperate days, I cooked them straight from frozen state...
Phew luckily those days were over and now I cook chops every now and then, with a much less savage approach.

This one is so easy to cook, with a Balsamic vinegar and olive oil marinate. Yet it's so flavorful. I'd never thought to cook pork chops like that myself. The recipe is from here. I did double up the marinate amount, so I end up having more juice/sauce for the chops.

I also whipped up some Yorkshire Puddings to go with the chops. It's like you pour pancake mixture into small muffin tins and they come out of the oven all puffed up. Magical. I even got an approval from my very fussy eater.

Unfortunately the "pancake pudding" was the only thing she approved. But my plan B always seems to work! I have these dumplings in the freezer, all year round. They are very easy to cook from frozen.  Just pop them in the cold water and cook as usual. Fool proof.
Win-win-win for supper!

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