Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend News

As C went to school this morning with a piece of her weekend news, I decided to share my version of it. One thing is certain, both of our highlights of the weekend were Disney On Ice show.

This show comes to Cape Town once a year and this is the closest we can get to see Disney live on the African continent. We had booked the tickets before the winter holiday even started and it was some patient and long wait for C, and me.

Disney never disappoints. 100 Years of Magic covers so many characters. We had a great time. C's words were "It's just fabulous!" I sneakily got her this horse at the stand and gave to her when we got home. She couldn't believe it and shouted out "" ---- Rapunzel's words? I am wondering if Frozen will be joining the party when they come back next year...

So since her horse fever is not dying down, I trust the horses and memory of the show should occupy her for a week.

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