Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taco Tuesday

Have you watched The Lego Movie? I've watched with madam enough times that it's burning a hole in my head already. Well to be honest, most of the time I'm absent-minded and looking at things on Pinterest while watching; other times I'm simply ordered to put iPad down and focus on TV.  I'm still not clear of the full story, but I can tell you I hear "Taco Tuesday" as many times as I've watched it. It's like a calling for me to bring Taco onto our family dinner menu.

Now, I know aero about Mexican food. The one and only memory was gained from a Mexican restaurant 15 years ago. My cousin and I went to this restaurant in a posh area in Shanghai. It must've been a celebration of some sort. I can't really recall. What I do remember is we left two-thirds of the food behind. My then very Asian-cuisine-oriented pallette didn't agree with the food. The understanding must've been mutual because I never came across another Mexican restaurant, nor has Mexican food been served where I've been.

This "Taco Tuesday" slogan from the movie has ignited my curiosity towards Mexican food. Obviously it's packed with veg and protein and starch ---- everything you need in one. Since we have Bolognese Monday, Fish Wednesday and Dumpling Friday already,  I'm welcoming Taco Tuesday with open arms.

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