Friday, July 25, 2014

One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder dress, or shall I call it "gather-extreme" dress?
Chiara delivered her request to me during the school holiday that she wanted a one-shouder dress. I'm not sure whether she's seen anybody wearing one, or on TV.... Could it be that she just envisioned it in her own head?

I found a knit pattern somewhere but it wasn't striking enough for me. The search carried on till I landed on Violette Field Threads' website. They have some pretty dresses every little girl would dream of.  This pattern is called Bridgette. Do scroll up and down, you will most certainly find your dreamy dress there.

Let me move onto the pattern and sewing process.
The bodice part is quite easy. What puzzled me was the skirt part. I shouldn't've said puzzle. The instructions are very clear. I just couldn't believe the skirt pattern calls for 6 pieces of 2-yard-long fabric! I ended up with 3 super fat tubes that fit into each other. The gathering of 3 layers of 4-yard-long fabric was to the extreme. The hemming also seemed to take forever~~

But you know what? When I saw the outcome, it's all totally worth it.
It was my first encounter with zip as well, which is not quite challenging as I thought it might be. Maybe because I had been preparing for it for so long...

Here is madam, ready to take a spin. Oh by the way, the twirlability is great.
I haven't added the sash yet as shown in the original pattern image. Somehow I think the sash is there to cover the little faults produced during the gathering procedure, and the end of the zip. I might still make the sash, but detachable is the way to go.

We are both equally super happy with the dress. C will start wearing school uniform next year. I get a feeling that this dress will get more rotation than any other casual clothes.

Happy weekend!

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