Thursday, July 31, 2014

Making My Own Audio Story CDs

When C was about 3 months ago, due to our very limited book collection, I would go to the local library and check out kids story books and read to her whenever possible.  My mom, who came to visit at the time, thought I was crazy....I was more reading to myself than to her really.
4 years later, books have become a very important part of C's life. Although she still doesn't own a book shelf, she has books coming out of her tee shirt. We have to put 2 boxes in the garage and rotate them.

Two weeks ago, I made 3 music CDs for her. They are a big hit. Most of them are soundtracks from her favorite movies. You guessed it. Frozen is one of them. Another popular one is Katy Perry's Firework, adopted by Madagascar 3. For one week, both of us couldn't stop singing the song. It's too catchy. Now we're moving on to Everything's Awesome from The Lego Movie. "Everything's awesome~~~~~When we're living our dream"

I have this idea... Why don't I start recording stories and burn them onto CDs? It doesn't have to be a big commitment. One story per day and I get 7 stories for the week. Perfect for car trips. I'm going back to the library and hope it will be more of an on-going project than my gym plans.

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