Friday, July 11, 2014

Little Camisole

I found a piece of nice fabric!! This purple polka dot heavy muslin almost feels like linen to me. I got it from SA Interlining. They're a fabric wholesaler but from time to time have off-cut pieces on the shelves for sale. What's so good about them is that they sell quality stuff and everything there is 100% cotton.

This camisole is so very very loose... pattern from Girls Style Book. I felt like pinching a big amount of fabric at the back so the front is much tighter. I'll have to fix it somehow.
Overlapping the front pieces more should solve the problem.

I made more bias tape than I needed, using my beloved bias tape maker. I am still left with all this bias tape ready for my next project. I want go crazy one day and just stock up my handmade bias tapes.

I am really happy with the fabric, but a little disappointed with how the camisole turned out. It needs adjustment, or should I stuff C with more chocolate ice cream for a fuller chest? Crazy mom....

UPDATE: I used a flower pin to gather some fabric at the front and it now doesn't look too bad.

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