Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Infinity Scarf x 4

When I took C with me for my hair appointment during the holiday, the hair dresser immediately noticed the infinity scarf C was wearing. And of course I excitedly offered to make her two for her daughters.

Her daughter are older than C, so I actually tried on the scarf to see how much length I might have to add. Surprisingly it even wraps around my neck quite well. One of these days, I'm going to borrow one from her. Since I'm a good 20 odd years older than Mijey's daughters, I'm very convinced that I won't need to add any length.

So the original idea was to make two for Mijey's girls. As I was starting to cut the fabric, I couldn't help myself but to cut an extra two, and use up the fabric --- It's a sickness that I can't keep left-over fabric.  C might want to have the same scarf, and the last one can easily be a little giveaway for her friend.

I'm in love with this knit fabric from Studio 47. Very few fabric shops in South Africa have website, let alone online shopping. The link only provides some basic info. I bought 2 meters a month ago with other plans for them, a circle skirt, some tees for C, a knit dress .... ??
But now look at them, they are so happy to have become scarves for 4 little girls. They are smiling.

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