Sunday, July 6, 2014

Frill Collar Dress

Fabric shopping is a little tricky here. There aren't so many fabric shops around and thus not much to choose from. I'd spend my mornings in three different shops and come home with just one piece of fabric, which has generated my problem with left-over fabric. I tend to use them up before moving on to the next fabric.
The dress was born from the same fabric I used a week ago to make this dress, pattern from the same book. I didn't have plans to make every single style from the book, alphabetically. However this dress, accidently, is labelled A, and chosen by C.

The pattern pieces are super easy to cut, but the 3cm bias tape around the armholes nearly killed me. One of M's hobbies is to tidy up and throw things away whenever and wherever possible. And of course I found my sewn-together strip of bias tape, in the trash bin.

I always struggle to find time to sew, and when I did have 2 hours that night when sewing could happen, I wasn't ready to let it go to waste. After giving the bias tape a quick wash and leaving it on the warm floor to dry, the 3cm wide tape shrank to 1.8cm, like some shriveled up sea weed...
Since I wasn't prepared to start over and cut more bias tape, I had to bite the bullet carefully folding and sewing around the armholes.

The dress turned out great. To her and my satisfaction, Chiara wore it the whole day. I've noticed lately she's starting to pick up the clothes I've made for her, volunteerily. Maybe that's due to a weekly (?) growth in the handmade collection, and decrease in the store-bought.

Tonight before bed-time story, we paged through the sewing book again and she's chosen my next project for me. We're going fabric shopping together. Holiday fun!

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