Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flower Flamingo

This post is dedicated to our kitten Flower Flamingo (named by Chiara) who joined our family 3 months ago.

We had a 6-month-old kitten Zazu by the time Flower arrived. After being hissed at the arrival, Flower literally hid under the bed and running from shelter to shelter for 2 days... I thought I was having an anxiety attack worrying if she'd stand up to herself, while Zazu dropped his day naps apparently too busy showing that he's the boss of the house.
Luckily soon enough, things cooled down and the two made friends.

My order of importance in our household is daughter, the cats, hubby, and then myself (?!). If C needs attention, the cats lose some. I often feel guilty that I don't spend enough time with them. Life's quite busy as is. Since I started sewing, I'd lock myself in the room cutting patterns or fabric. Having cats in the house is not very sewing friendly. These cats chew like dogs...
We spayed Flower Flamingo recently and it was a lot more traumatic than I had imagined. She slept for 3 days only waking up to eat or drink. The collar bothered her very much so we made sock vest to protect the wound. C's been looking after her really well. It seems Flower's bounced back to her normal self on day 4. We are proud of you, strong girl.
These recovery days of Flower have changed my attitude towards them. I find myself leaving my sewing enthusiams behind and rather let them sleep on my laps. So I'd watch TV with M or pick up a book to read. It's difficult sometimes to juggle everything at once. Finding a balance is also important.
Thanks for letting me see that.

So mister's decided he needs a solo shot as well.

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