Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cars vs Barbies

Chiara has always been a "car" girl. I mean she likes dressing up and her princesses, but on the other hand, she's super into cars. She has a big collection of them.

One of our daily activities is to set up a scene, and play pretend games (what fun for mom).
I bought a box with small sections to put my growing collection of the thread rolls. Dear C has moved out all my threads and made it her 3-story car park. Does look quite cool, doesn't it?

So, in order to do some fabric cutting and sewing during winter holiday time, I had to include C. She'd bring out her limited number of dolls and play with the scrap fabric. This all started when I was making the Elsa dresses.

She had decided to make one for her doll as well. It was an easy project for her. She cut out two rectangular pieces and fixed the sides and looooong cape with double-sided sticky tape.

And that was only the start of her doll dressing play.

Now whenever I cut the fabric, Chiara wants to do it with me and makes new dresses for her dolls. Lucky dolls, don't you agree?

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