Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My family were never into cameras and to my parents, that's a costly and unnecessary hobby and thus not encouraged. They used to take me to studios that have set-up scenes to take photos. And for even more important occasions like birthdays etc, they would borrow a camera from a friend.

We decided to get a camera when I was around eleven. In the old days, you had to buy Kodak film. If I remember correctly, there're 36 shots out of it, of course without preview function. We never really used it so much due to the costs.
The digital age hit us when I was in university and I bought myself a Sony Cybershot 3.2mega pixel camera. That meant I could preview the photos and never had to develop the photos I was not happy with, or not develop at all. It was great to finally own a camera that I could use freely and not worry about the potential cost so much.

Before C was born, my mom decided to buy us a Sony Cybershot 12.1 mega pixel camera, as an upgrade from my 3.2MP version. That camera is still going strong. All the photos before today were produced by that machine. If I hadn't decided to start blogging, I would've probably needed an upgrade much later?
Photos are a lovely way to document life. Moments captured provided us with beautiful memories later on. This little space has propelled me into photo taking. I've taken more photos in the previous 3 months than I did the whole of last year. It's made me feel kind of grown-up. (?!) A grown-up girl needs a big-girl camera. Am I right?

The girl in the picture is not the "big girl" I mentioned above, although she thoroughly enjoys the new gadget we recived today. We both do. It's an entry-level camera, just like my entry-level sewing machine. For now, they are both working hard to fill our life with joys, and are perfect for us.

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